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Recyle with Origo Wild

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Wild Beginnings

Our journey began with ‘Naga’, our beloved Rottweiler who was diagnosed with Epilepsy when he was just 3 years old. When his seizures increased and he was no longer responding to medication, every vet that we spoke to had pretty much the same response -  that he had little to no chance of improving and once again having any quality of life. 

Refusing to give up on our furriest family member we began researching how to help relieve his symptoms with a more holistic approach through a raw, natural, low-carb and nutrient-rich balanced diet – and haven’t looked back since! 


In early 2020 at the start of Covid, our founder Desiree enrolled in her first Canine Nutrition program with the hopes of helping Naga through  diet changes. With intensive research and food trials we came up with our first Keto recipe, following the B.A.R.F (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) diet standards. 

After just 2 weeks on a raw diet Naga’s epilepsy medicine dosage was drastically reduced as well as the seizure frequency, and he became a healthier, happier, fitter dog after changing his diet - As an 8 year old Rottweiler he regained the energy of a puppy. Our vet was totally amazed at the transformation and said that our boy Naga ‘defied medical science’! 

Witnessing Naga’s amazing progress prompted family and friends to ask us to make the same food for their pets and they also saw positive results -  from skin issues and allergies to joint pain, we started to see health improvement in other dogs on the new raw diet, just like Naga. 


Diving head-first into the study of Canine nutrition we realized that most of what we had been feeding our pets was in fact detrimental to their health - and they rely on us to make the best decisions for them. 

After completing a number of other courses Desiree became a qualified canine nutritionist, and we decided that our mission was to build a brand and a business around our passion for healthy happy pets.

Fast Forward 3 years and through this passion to help more animals and our exploration deeper into the world of canine nutrition & health, our all-natural raw and dehydrated products are established throughout Indonesia with a number of vets, kennels, daycare centers, and pet shop affiliations.


Our flagship store and Production Kitchen in Canggu is where all of our products are hand-made fresh daily in small batches, formulated and prepared by our professional canine nutritionist - We have come a long way in a very short time, and can’t wait to offer even more healthy and natural options to your beloved furry friends!


Now we spend most of our time sharing our experiences and the results with other pet parents to help their four-legged friends live longer and happier lives - We acknowledge that diet alone cannot necessarily cure an illness in every case, but any comfort it brings to our furry family's life is a blessing.

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B.A.R.F - Biologically Appropriate Raw Food

A principle to feed dogs as nature intended, evolving from their ancestor’s diet consisting of meats and vegetables that are fresh, uncooked and wild.

'Dr. Ian Billinghurst'

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