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Origo’s marrow bone chews are cut in 3 sizes for small, medium and large pups - so pooches of all kinds can enjoy this delicious anytime snack! Great for gum and tooth health and to relieve boredom and stress.


Size guide - This is a general guide, if you’re not sure try the smaller ones first and work your way up 🙂


Small, 1-2 inch cut:

Perfect for large dogs 

Large dogs typically weigh more than 25kg and have a shoulder height of more than 55cm.


These Include:


  • minerals, including calcium, magnesium and phosphorous
  • protein-containing essential amino acids, including lysine
  • essential fatty acids
  • fat-soluble vitamins (A, D and E)
  • blood-forming nutrients (these are in the marrow), including copper and iron.
  • Bones keep your dogs teeth and gums healthy
  • They provide your dog with exercise, strengthening their jaws and upper body.
  • They keep your dog occupied. Dogs that have a bone to chew are happier and calmer.
  • Bones provide great exercise, and help with mental health


Tips for Feeding Raw Bones:


  • Choose an appropriate size bone for your dog.
  • Always supervise a dog when it is chewing on a raw bone.
  • Feed raw bones in an area that can be easily cleaned.
  • Dogs should never be fed a cooked marrow bone.


Beef Marrows -S

  • Storage life:

    • Keep frozen before use
    • Stays fresh as long as kept frozen

    Feeding Instructions:

    • May feed frozen or thawed
    • Keep the remaining food in the zipped bag in the refrigerator until the next meal
    • Do not heat in the microwave
    • Do not put under the sun
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