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A deliciously yummy chew that cleans teeth & gums too!


Our robust scap chunks not only have a delicious taste, their rough

texture helps to support your dog's dental health by scraping away

plaque and tartar from the gumline as they chew - say goodbye to

knawed chair legs and stolen shoes!


A great alternative when there isn’t time for a day-long chew, please your pup with a quicker snack—the crunchy texture of Origo’s Big Dawg Scap Chunks. This medium-strength chew is an all-natural product, made from beef shoulder cartilage. It is a highly digestible alternative to rawhide chews, is grain-free, and suitable for medium to large dogs with ‘Big Dawg’ appetites! 




  • Provide your dog with exercise, strengthening their jaws and upper body.

  • Keep your dog occupied. Dogs that have a bone to chew are happier and calmer.

  • Help with mental health and brain stimulation 

  • Rich in protein and essential amino acids 

  • Contains a variety of natural vitamins & minerals 

  • Great for picky eaters & sensitive stomachs

  • Zero synthetics and packed with mono protein

  • Healthy alternative to Rawhide 

  • Highly digestible 

  • Promotes healthy skin and bones

  • Chews keep your dog’s teeth and gums healthy

  • Helps maintain healthy joints 

  •  No artificial colours or flavours

  •  Single Ingredient

  •  Preservative -free

  •  Grain -free

  •  Safe for food - sensitive dogs

Lil' Dawg Scap Bites

  • Storage Life:

    Our products have a ‘best before’ of 12 months from purchase if kept sealed and stored out of direct sunlight and under 30c on average. We advise in hot climates to keep refrigerated after opening to maximize freshness.

    Feeding Guide:

    • Give as an occasional snack 2-3 times a week

    • Add to daily meals (2-3 snacks)

    • Use for reward-based training treat 


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