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Chicken n' Greens

Featuring locally sourced and high-quality chicken meat & and organs, this Paleo-Inspired recipe is packed with ‘lean mean’ protein and is suitable for all breeds from 2 months+. The combination of white meat plus a boost of turmeric provides natural anti-inflammatory properties, especially beneficial for dogs with joint issues and arthritis. Using all-natural ingredients without preservatives or additives makes it easily digestible and full of all the right stuff to fuel your favorite furry friends!


Mixed with a variety of colorful ‘dog-friendly’ vegetables carefully chosen for maximum Canine benefits, CHICKEN N' GREENS  is the perfect daily meal option for overall health maintenance - and a great way to add fresh and natural vitamins to your dog’s diet.


All of our products use human-grade ingredients and are formulated by canine nutritionists & and animal lovers.



  • 80% Chicken meat, liver & bones

  • 20% carrots, green beans, chayote, purple yam & turmeric


Chicken Muscle Meat & Bones  

Raw lean chicken muscle meat is a vital source of lean protein for dogs, and also contains high levels of B vitamins and a multitude of minerals. Calcium from bones promotes healthy teeth and helps build and strengthen your dog's skeletal system.


Chicken Liver & Heart 

Chicken liver is a vitamin-rich protein, also containing iron, copper, zinc and essential fatty acids. Liver cleanses the blood of toxins and supports healthy vision. Chicken hearts are excellent sources of B vitamins, iron and essential fatty acids, keeping your dog's coat silky smooth for cuddle time! 


Carrots, Green Beans, Chayote & Purple Yam

Vegetables are a great source of natural vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber. They also help to keep your dog well hydrated, especially in hotter and more humid climates.



The amazing anti-inflammatory properties of this root spice help maintain pain associated with  joint issues and arthritis, reduce blood clots due to its blood thinning properties and boost the immune system. It’s also a great antioxidant.

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