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Getting Started & Feeding ORIGO Raw

Most dogs will gulp down the delicious raw dog food right away. For the more cautious, gradually transition to Origo Raw by decreasing the amounts of dry or canned food over a seven-day period. Remember that your dog's digestive system is going through a lot of changes right now, so be patient with them as they learn to eat real food again!

Every dog is different but on average it will take between one to two weeks to start seeing the benefits.

Use the chart below to transition your dog from their current food to ORIGO RAW meals:

Screen Shot 2022-08-22 at 13.44.58.png

How much Origo RAW do I feed?

All dogs are different and the amount of food they need depends on their daily energy requirement, which varies according to many factors including their breed, health condition, activity level, age and environment.

As a general rule Raw feeding standards advise feeding a daily diet of 2-3 percent of their bodyweight on a daily basis. Small breed dogs will require more food and larger breed dogs will require less based on percentage to bodyweight. For example, a 10kg dog would be fed 200-300grams per day.

We recommend starting at the lower end of the range and gradually increasing meal portions to obtain a good physical condition, as research shows that animals who eat smaller amounts of food do live longer.

Remember to use your dog’s ideal body-weight – not necessarily its current weight.

How can I tell if my dog is the correct weight?

When viewed from above, your dog should have a natural waist, this with your hands for particularly long-haired pets. When running your hands over your dog's chest, you should be able to feel the curvature of the individual ribs with just a little pressure. If his ribs aren't visible, he's overweight; but, if they are, he probably needs to eat more. Put simply you should be able to feel the rib bones but not see them

Can I thaw in the microwave?

Microwaving our food to thaw it is not suggested, because it could change the composition of the food to the point where it is no longer a complete and balanced meal. In basic terms, the food is no longer raw.

Can I cook my pets raw meal?

We do not recommend this. Cooking reduces the nutritional value of the food, and the higher the cooking temperature the more nutrients are destroyed.,

So, our food isn’t cooked. Some owners switching to raw may find gently warming the food in an oven dish will enhance palatability, but leaving too long will compromise its positive benefits. The key is warming, not cooking.

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