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Apart from all the positive changes you may see in your dog on a raw diet, there are a few things you may notice


When you first move your dog from kibble to raw food, aside from a whole lot of drool, there are a few changes you may notice as they get used to their new diet - that are a natural part of the transition process:

Do not be concerned!

These are completely normal. They're actually indications of your dog becoming happier and healthier (from the inside out) so are fantastic changes to see!

I have noticed my dog is drinking less water daily.


No, this is entirely normal. Origo Wild Raw Food is still in its natural state, complete with the moisture required for digestion. Because the water in dry food has been eliminated, dogs must constantly drink water in order to stay hydrated.


My Dog is Pooping Less and it looks chalky & whiter

Grain, peas, corn, and other elements that aren't a natural part of a dog’s diet. are frequently found in commercial pet food. These ingredients are more difficult for your dog to digest, resulting in greater waste (aka poop). A raw food diet includes meat, organs, and bone, all of which are natural for a dog to digest. Raw pet food ingredients are easily broken down and converted to fuel, resulting in less waste. The poops will also be firmer and turn chalky after a few days, allowing them to disintegrate more quickly. The meaty bones account for it turning white.

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