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Is Raw food safe for puppies?

Absolutely! In fact, feeding your puppy a natural high-quality raw diet comes with an impressive list of benefits to ensure their best start in life - Stronger and healthier bone structures, muscle & brain development from all the amino acids, proteins and other nutrients, as well healthy digestive systems from eating a species-appropriate diet. The ideal building blocks for a growing pup!

At what age should I start my puppy with raw?

You can start giving your puppy raw food as you are weaning them at about 8 to 12 weeks.

When it comes to introducing a puppy to a raw diet, the most common concern among owners is the quantity of germs that raw food contains. It's important to remember that dirt, or even the environment around us, includes billions of bacteria that puppies have access to.

Studies have also found that feeding raw food to the mother before the puppies are born enhances the puppy's immunity, growth, and health. These not only strengthen your dog's immune system, but they also make it easier for him or her to handle raw food.

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