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What are the Benefits of Feeding Raw?

Raw feeding can have a major positive impact on your dog's strength and vigor. If you're thinking about switching, there are a wide range of advantages you may not be aware of, ranging from improved digestion & shinier coat to stronger bones & better oral hygiene.

A well-balanced and complete raw diet closely resembles the food and nutrition that nature intended.

Benefits include:

  • Shiny Coat & Happy Skin

When pets do not receive the adequate nutrients and vitamins in their diet, it shows on their skin and coat being the largest organ on the body. Fur loss, skin disorders, and dull coat are just some of the tell-tale signs of poor nutrition.

Raw food contains more accessible nutrients for dogs to digest than commercially prepared food, allowing their organs to absorb essential nutrients more quickly and easily.


Raw pet food also contains naturally occurring active enzymes that aid in the digestion and absorption of nutrients. Dogs have a tougher time absorbing carbs, fats, and protein without these enzymes. Dandruff, dry skin, and thin or coarse hair growth are all possible outcomes. You'll notice a difference in your pet's skin, coat, and how little they shed after switching to raw!

  • Reduced Doggie Odour

 When dogs consume food higher in fillers such as rice & corn, additives, and preservatives, it can lead to some not-so-pleasant ‘doggy odour’ from both ends due to excessive gas. Your pet’s digestive system is better supported on a raw food diet, often decreasing or eliminating doggy gas.


The unpleasant odour comes from chemicals and synthetic vitamins that are added during the manufacturing process in order to preserve the canned and dry foods, which the dog’s body will try to remove as a defence mechanism.


Imagine the processing a chicken or broccoli had to go thru to turn it into dry balls that never go bad.


  • Balanced and lean body mass

 The reduction of excess fat and an increase in muscle mass are two of the most significant advantages of following a good quality RAW diet, as you remove the unnecessary carbohydrates or ‘fillers’ that turn into sugar resulting in improved muscle tone/definition, posture, and shape.


Naturally, dogs are unable to digest or process sugar and starch, it is either stored under the skin as fat or builds up plaque between their teeth.


Your dog will look and feel better as a result of this physical change which will also lead to greater activity and energy levels, and eventually a longer, healthier life. They will thrive, not just survive.


  • Strong bones & joints

 The key factor here is the crushed bone content in all of our Raw Dog Meals – Pooches simply must have it in their diet to be strong and agile!


Bone is around 65% minerals, and most importantly, calcium. Calcium & Phosphorus work together in your dog’s body to move his muscles and control all of his body functions. Meat without any bone contains a lot of Phosphorus and very little Calcium. 

Origo Wild’s Raw Meals also promote increased activity which will strengthen your dog skeletal as well as heart muscles, which enhances cardiovascular functioning and improves balance and flexibility. The bones and natural cartilage in the diet will grow your dog strong bones and healthy joints.


  • Improved Dental Health

 The high sugar levels in most commercially made pet food provides the perfect habitat for hazardous bacteria to thrive, leading to a variety of dental problems in dogs. Food, both dry and canned, can get trapped in your dog's teeth, causing plaque, tartar, and bad breath. Raw food is less prone to stick to teeth, resulting in a healthier doggie mouth.

Raw foods also contain naturally occurring enzymes that help to keep teeth and gums healthy.

  •  Increased Energy

 When your dog is happy, they have more energy! A high-quality raw pet food is absent    of superfluous additives and fillers, so less energy needs to be spent digesting carbs and sugars. You'll probably notice a bounce in your dog's step after switching to raw.


  • Immune System Support

 Origo Raw Meals, unlike commercial pet food, only contain ingredients that your pet was biologically created to consume. Limiting your dog's exposure to fillers, additives, and species-inappropriate meals allows their body to focus on more important tasks, such as dealing with external and environmental stressors. Raw food also contains natural moisture, which is beneficial to your pet's organ health.



  • Reduction in Allergies

 Food allergies are the most common assumed cause of allergies in pets, but many food allergies are actually a build-up of intolerances piled on top of each other until the immune system of the pet can no longer defend the body. Poor gut health is a key source of stress for the immune system. Unfortunately, many additives used in commercially made dry and canned pet foods are not naturally appropriate for dogs and can create digestive stress, compromising the immune system. Intolerances might progress to allergic reactions over time. Allergic reactions include rashes, itching paws, ear infections, and digestive and musculoskeletal problems. Allergy issues in your pet may be reduced or eliminated with a natural raw diet.

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