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Only the highest quality. Guaranteed.

Our raw dog food recipes do not contain fillers, additives, or preservatives, which are harder for your pet to digest and can load on the pounds in empty carbohydrates. They seem full on all the ‘extras’ but they are not well-nourished.

At Origo we believe the best source of vitamins and minerals are in real foods, and although vegetables & herbs are not a must in a dog’s diet they are able to absorb and benefit from all of the nutrients, just like humans do.

With this in mind, the recipes designed by our Certified Canine Nutritionist include a wide variety of carefully-selected local and seasonal fresh vegetables, suitable for a dog’s digestive system. And as not all pets love veggies, they are chopped finely and hidden nicely into the meal becoming undetectable but still full of natural goodness.

What does Origo Wild’s description ‘Human-Grade’ food actually mean?

Our carefully-sourced ingredients are safe for human consumption. They are not lower grade leftovers but the very same Ingredients as used in human-quality products.

Does Origo Wild Raw Food contain Gluten from Wheat?

It does not contain any wheat or any other types of grains.

What is the % ratio of meat/organs & vegetables in Origo Wild’s Raw Food?

All of our food products for dogs are a balanced diet of approx. 80% meat and/or organs and 20% vegetables & herbs.

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