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Dogs & Cats should not eat ‘Human Food.

This is a classic misconception. Before the creation of dry or canned pet food, our grandparents and great-grandparents fed their pets raw scraps from their own meals. However, pets should never ingest cooked bones from their human friends' leftover meals.

Dogs are omnivores with jaw structures that allow them to rend, tear, and swallow prey. They don't have the same flat molars as humans, which are used to eat grains and whole vegetables.

Their digestive tracts are short, and they produce very harsh digestive juices that are designed to quickly breakdown whole raw meat and bone. So, giving your pet our raw food isn't necessarily feeding them human food, but rather a species-appropriate diet similar to what they'd get from eating a prey animal.

Eating raw meat will make my dog vicious.

Certainly not, this is an urban legend. If you observe a change in your dog's behaviour, it's most likely for the better.

My dog is too old to start a Raw Diet  

It’s never too late to feed a healthy diet.

Chicken bones are dangerous

Not at all! Raw chicken bones are excellent for your dog's health. They're supple enough to bend readily and break easy enough for the dog to digest. However you should NEVER feed your dog cooked chicken bones!

Feeding Raw is expensive

You may be surprised how reasonably priced it is to feed your dog our high-quality premium product. Of course this does depend on what you are currently feeding as there are a range of low to high cost commercial pet food options.

As an example, to feed a mid-sized adult dog of around 15KG of our ‘Chicken n’ Greens’ recipe would only cost around Rp.520,000 per month.

This is not taking into account the amount you will save with less visits to the vet, and how much joy you’ll get from having such a healthy happy dog!

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