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What is Keto Diet for Dogs?

What is a ketogenic diet for dogs and cats?

The most simple explanation of what a ketogenic diet is, is a diet that utilises fat as fuel, instead of carbohydrate. Lots of pet foods rely on carbohydrate as the major source of fuel (calories), and this is driven primarily by cost, as carbohydrate is cheap, and by a mistaken belief that carbohydrates are a good source of energy.

The unfortunate reality of this cost saving meal system has been the cause of increase in obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and cancer, and sadly we are seeing this being mimicked in our domestic pets.

The truth is, #carnivores and #omnivores are fully designed and evolved to obtain their energy needs from fats, not from carbohydrate – which makes perfect sense when you think about their natural diet of prey animals.

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