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Feeding raw promotes a longer, healthier & happier life for your dogs, with less trips to the vets – A win-win for both pooches and paw-parents!


Just like humans, your dog’s diet has a major effect on their health. By eliminating food that is processed and moving to a natural raw diet, not only will you notice the physical changes but often will see a reduction or complete elimination of common health conditions such as obesity, joint issues, allergies, and many other issues pet-parents often face.


Raw is the most natural food source for all animals following their ancestral diet and is the easiest form of food to be digested - there certainly wasn’t any cooked or processed foods in the wild! Just like humans, dogs absorb nutrients better from whole foods rather than synthetic vitamins which are often added in after in the unnatural process of manufacturing dry and canned food. Not to mention the heating process which kills all the desirable natural enzymes of the food.

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