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How do I store and defrost?

Our high-quality raw meals can last up to 12 months in the freezer. Transfer the amount your dog requires every two to three days and let it defrost in the fridge. To make refrigeration storage even easier you can consider purchasing a set of Tupperware-style sealed boxes to store your pooch’s food more securely, and to allow easy stacking.

If you’re in a hurry, soak with room temperature water in the kitchen sink inside the sealed packaging for around 40 minutes., Never expose the package to the sun.

DO NOT open the sealed bag or allow water to mix with the raw food if using this defrosting method

Origo Wild meals will stay fresh refrigerated for up to 48 - 72hours. Just as with all raw meat do not refreeze food that has fully defrosted.

Raw Food Safety Summary:

  • Thawed food can be kept in the refrigerator for 2- 3days

  • Leftovers can be kept, but should be refrigerated immediately.

  • Keep the food frozen until you are ready to use it; do not refreeze thawed food products

  • Wash your hands thoroughly after feeding your dogs, and even after cutting up meat for your own meals.

  • Wash utensils and working surfaces with hot soapy water in the same way you would handling your own raw meat for dinner

  • Stainless steel dishes are recommended for your pet

  • Be sure to separate all tools such containers, spoons for your pet’s raw food from yours. Unfortunately, our stomach is not as strong as theirs,

Is my dog at risk from infections by eating raw meat?

Dogs and humans have vastly different digestive systems. a dog’s stomach is able to handle more bacterial than humans because their system is designed for this naturally for them to survive in the wild and eat raw uncooked prey, A healthy dog with normal immune system will pass most bacteria in the stool with no problems.

Although a happy, healthy dog is less likely to pose a health danger to humans, proper hygiene precautions must still be taken. Raw items must be handled and stored in the same manner as any other meat intended for human consumption. Origo’s RAW meal packages are heat-sealed & the product only contains human-grade ingredients, so it is safe to be stored in the freezer with your own frozen goods.

What about salmonella and other bacteria?

There is often a misconception surrounding raw dog food and bacteria, Bacteria can be found everywhere. Dogs have an incredible immune system that is specifically built to handle all kinds of bacteria, which means a healthy raw fed dog manages those bacteria without problems.

E. coli, salmonella, and other bacteria can be discovered on raw chicken, but they can also be found in your fridge, sink, floors, backyard, park, and basically every surface you come into contact with on a daily basis! Although These germs are normally harmless to your dog, they can be toxic to humans, which is why we handle raw meat so carefully for our ourselves.

When it comes to handling raw food for your dog, the same regulations apply. Once defrosted, keep the product in a sealed freezer bag as provided by Origo Wild, and use separate utensils for serving raw meat and carefully wash them as well as preparation surfaces, and your hands. If you follow these guidelines each time you store and handle Origo Raw dog food you will have no more risk of exposure to harmful bacteria as you do handling your own fresh foods.

Even though the risks are extremely low of pet or human contamination, our food preparation procedures are of top priority and we follow the strictest food safety standards for you and your doggie’s safety.

Is a raw diet safe for severely or terminally ill pets?

If you have a seriously ill pet who may be severely stressed or with a compromised immune system due to an immune disorder or taking immuno-suppressive drugs such as steroids, we would recommend speaking to your vet before starting them on a Raw diet. However, we find that many animal illnesses and diseases are often linked to poor diet and malnutrition or toxic overload, and are helped by moving to Raw for all of the reasons listed in this FAQ,

We don’t claim to be a cure for any illnesses, however just like us. It all starts from the gut.

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